Moshare Support

If you have a question or problem with Moshare, please email us at [email protected]. We'll get back to you shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Moshare work with self-signed SSL certificates?

Yes. Moshare works with SSL servers with self-signed SSL certificates. When Moshare detects a self-signed SSL certificate, the user is asked whether to accept the certificate. If the certificate is accepted then Moshare accesses the site securely and will not prompt for that server again.

Moshare V1.1 (as of April 20 2010) added this feature. App Store reviews that say Moshare doesn't work with self-signed SSL certificates refer to an earlier version of the application.

Does Moshare work with custom lists?

Moshare does not currently support viewing of custom lists. Custom lists will not appear in the Moshare application. We are working hard to add support for custom lists.

How does Moshare connect to SharePoint sites?

To use Moshare your SharePoint site must be directly accessible: your site must be exposed on the Internet, be a hosted site, or you need to connect your iPhone to your company network using wifi or VPN.

Does Moshare work on iPad?

Moshare works on the iPad in iPhone compatability emulator. We are working on a version of the app that is built for the iPad and will use the full screen.

Can I update my documents and lists with Moshare?

Moshare views SharePoint sites, but you currently cannot update SharePoint documents and lists from Moshare.

What's New in Moshare V1.1

Moshare V1.1, released April 20, 2010, adds these new features:
  • Self-signed SSL certificates are supported
  • Recurring calendar items
  • Text message to SharePoint contacts
  • Show formatted views of Announcements, Tasks, and Calendar events
  • Correctly show 24 hour times and dates formatted based on iPhone country preferences
  • Better performance
  • Over 20 bug fixes

Thank you for your feedback, we listened and built features and improvements based on your requests.