Answers For IT

Q) How do I manage my iOS device in the enteprise?
Apple has a great article covering iOS management in the enterprise at this URL:   The key utility you should be aware of is the iPhone (iOS) Configuration Utility which helps you configure VPN, Active Sync/Exchange, and Password Policies. 

Q) I purchased the "PRO" version of Coaxion. Do I need to buy it for every device?

PRO needs to be purchased once for each AppleID / user in your corporation.  Each device that uses that AppleID with the App Store will receive the PRO features.  This makes it easy to buy PRO once for use across a user's iPhone and iPod.

Q) I reinstalled Coaxion from the App Store. Why don't I see my PRO upgrade enabled? 
If you already purchased "PRO" and you purchase it again, you will receive it for free. This is a feature of in-app purchasing to restore your purchase on a new device or upon reinstall.

Q) What versions of SharePoint are supported by Moprise and Coaxion?
SharePoint 2003, 2007, and 2010 are supported.  Also most cloud hosted SharePoints such as those from Intermedia, FPWebMicrosoft BPOS, and Microsoft Office 365 are supported. 

Q) Where are user names and passwords stored for my corporate storage systems?
User names and passwords are never stored on Coaxion servers. They are stored locally on the iPad within the secure storage provided by Apple's keychain. This is an encrypted store used for passwords and is inaccessable to any other application besides Coaxion.

Q) Will documents stored in Coaxion be copied into Apple's iCloud?
Coaxion can store documents locally on the iPad but marks them so that they are not cached into iCloud.  Your documents remain on your servers and on iPads of users they were explicitly shared with.  The conversation owner can "Close Conversation" to remove the conversation and documents from all iPads/iPhones.

Q) We don't allow Dropbox at our company. Can it be disabled?
Dropbox now offers Dropbox for Teams that is designed for business use and works well with Coaxion.  In the enterprise version of Coaxion, we can provide read-only access to Dropbox so that employees can import documents into the work place that they completed at home but they will not be able to save work documents back to Dropbox.

Q) We use [, webdav, salesforce] to store files within our corporation. Will Coaxion work with it?
We are continually updating Coaxion. Let us know what storage systems you need to access in the basic or PRO product by email to feedback @

Q) How is Coaxion optimized for mobile use?
Coaxion is a mobile first product and we designed our user interface and underlying protocols and servers for mobile device usage.  Coaxion works across a variety of wireless and WAN networks (2G, 3G, WiFi, VPN, etc) and hence secures all connections and makes downloads suspendable and resumeable as connections drop, reappear, or even transition to something different. Large or small documents are efficiently downloaded meaning if connections drop, the download resumes where it left off without restarting from the beginning.  The application is asynchronous which means downloads can occur in the background while maintaining a responsive UI that allows the user to response to others, read documents, or even transmit additional new documents.

Q) Does Moprise work with self-signed SSL certificates?
Yes. Moprise works with SSL servers with self-signed SSL certificates. When Moprise detects a self-signed SSL certificate, the user is asked to accept or deny the certificate. If the certificate is accepted then Moshare accesses the site securely and will not prompt for that server again.

Please note:  Moprise V1.1 (as of April 20, 2010) added this feature.  App Store reviews that say Moprise doesn't work with self-signed SSL certificates refer to an earlier version of the application.

Q) Does Moprise work with firewalls?
To use Moprise your SharePoint site must be directly accessible; your site must be exposed on the Internet, be a hosted site, or you need to connect your iPhone to your company network using wifi or VPN.