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Moprise & QuickOffice editing partnership

Moprise and QuickOffice implement partnership for easy editing of Microsoft Office documents on iPads.

iPadCTO covers Coaxion with and editing support

Coaxion Updates iOS Document Collaboration Platform

SharePoint Joel on mobile

SharePoint Joel covers mobile SharePoint apps including Moshare, Moprise, and Coaxion. We're super pleased Coaxion look cool!

TiPb names Coaxion "cool app of the day"

TiPb, the #1 iPhone, iPad, and iTouch blog, named Coaxion cool app of the day.

Gartner Identifies Top 10 Business Applications for Tablets

Gartner identified application styles that businesses would need for their iPads. Coaxion enables three of the scenarios identified:

  • Collaboration applications for meetings. 
  • File utilities for sharing and document distribution.  
  • Board books for secure document and report distribution.

Moprise Launches Coaxion: First Enterprise Productivity Application for iPhone


Moprise Brings SharePoint, Dropbox to Your iPhone

Read Write Web

Moprise Enables Mobile SharePoint Sharing


Looking to boost mobile productivity, Moprise creates a ‘Flipboard for the enterprise’


Moprise is Launching A "Flipboard For the Enterprise"


Moprise will be a centerpiece in many organizations that deploy mobile implementations of SharePoint.

Press Releases

Moprise Ships Support for Office 365

New Versions of Moprise Applications Available in iTunes App Store.