Easiest to use SharePoint app in the App Store for accessing and reading documents.  We have people ages 20 to 60 regularly using it on iPads for our city council meetings.
-Dave, Director of IT City of Armagh, UK

Love the interface of your app.
- Erik from ViantSolutions 

The iPad has more screen real estate, but this doesn't give UI designers the right to squander its high resolution display. Coaxion's graphical approach is fresh and functional. 
- Bill, Editor iPadCTO.com

Keep up the amazing work and I will be looking forward to integrating my work and office with your live collaboration solution.
- Justin, Authorized ADT dealer 

"I tried three different apps which do the same thing [access SharePoint] - yours was by far the easiest and the quickest to get to work."
- James Kennard

"Well done for creating such a fantastic and simple app, which is invaluable..."
- A. Runacres

"Moprise is far better than the competition"
– Marco Lutters, Consultant

"I use the app 3 times a week when I'm traveling . . .was more than willing to pay for it."
– Steve Cherrico, Director of City Services

"Thanks for the app, works great!"
– Anthony Moisant, Sr. Director Information Technology, Gracenote