Coaxion for iPhone

Mobile Collaboration for SharePoint and Dropbox

Synchronize, share and discuss documents with your team in real-time, with the added security of wiping documents from the iPhone when a discussion is closed.

  • Work with All Your Critical Documents
    Seamlessly integrated access to SharePoint and Dropbox keeps you connected to all your important documents.
  • Discuss and Share in Real-Time
    Group messaging and sharing in real-time keeps your team in sync and moving forward from anywhere.
  • Secure
    All conversations and documents are transmitted over encrypted connections, and discussions and documents are only visible to the coworkers you explicitly invite.

    When conversations are closed, files are removed from devices while leaving the originals on SharePoint and Dropbox intact.

  • Optimized for Mobile
    Push notifications keep you updated in real time without draining your battery.



Limited to 1 SharePoint site and 1 Dropbox account; also limited to 5 offline documents


$19.99 per user
Unlimited SharePoint sites; Offline files limited only by storage capacity

Product Tour

Welcome to Coaxion.  
With Coaxion you have access to your colleagues and company documents any time, anywhere.  Begin connecting with your colleagues by clicking sign up to securely identify yourself to the Coaxion servers.
Sign up by entering in your email address, name and telephone number.  Other Coaxion users will use this email address or telephone number to find you so best to use your work information. Email will be sent to your email address to confirm the account is yours and establish a secure connection with you.

After entering in your email, name, and phone number, click sign up in the top right to continue on.  You will receive an email from Coaxion with a link to confirm you actually own the email account and securely identify yourself.

Invite your colleagues by typing in their complete work email address and clicking it. Alternatively, select a name from your phone's contact list.  If they aren't already on Coaxion, they will receive an email invite to join you on Coaxion, and will be connected to your conversation.

Colleagues already on Coaxion have a speaker bubble symbol near their name.  They can be accessed in real time and will respond immediately. Make sure your colleages stay in the loop by connecting with Coaxion.

The paperclip button allows you to bring live documents and links into the conversation.  "SharePoint attachment" connects to your Microsoft SharePoint 2003, 2007, or 2010 sites using your corporate user name and password. Connect to cloud based SharePoints like BPOS using 3G or WiFi. Connect to on-premise SharePoints using WiFi or a VPN. Either way, you can bring business documents into your conversations.  Once uploaded, Coaxion ensures your colleagues, partners, and customers in the conversation can securely receive and view the document from anywhere.

Easily browse your SharePoint and subsites. You can personally preview any document you wish and securily share only the documents that are needed to get everyone on the same page.  Save money and stay secure - reciepients don't need licenses to your SharePoint server and they only see the documents you explicitly share with them.

Coaxion is mobile optimized. Big or small, documents are efficiently downloaded to all users.  Everyone can continue to collaborate while the documents get to their devices.

Once downloaded, previews of your documents make locating the right one easy. Microsoft Office documents are converted to PDF for a higher fidelity result than the usual built in viewers. With Coaxion, document formatting, graphics and annotations all come through to your mobile device.

Easily add new users to the conversation by selecting the green gear in the top right and "Add to Conversation".  The full conversation history will seamlessly download in the background while allowing new members to immediately respond to your question.

Here, you see a new user has been included in the conversation and will receive the history as well as new messages & documents.

When the discussion is over, secure corporate IP by closing the conversation and allowing this set of documents and discussions to be removed from other devices.

Coaxion Tip 1:
The gear icon in the top right turns green or red indicating connectivity to the internet and Coaxion servers.

Coaxion Tip 2:
The "Add Link" button in the paper clip allows the addition of live URLs, telephone numbers, and email addresses into the conversation. After clicking "Add Link", type or copy/paste your link into the send message box.  Conversation members can click on the item and the proper action will execute (launch browser, call or text phone, send email).

Easily send a web URL, telephone number, or email address. Recipients can take the proper action by simply clicking on the message.

Easily send a web URL, telephone number, or email address. Recipients can take the proper action by simply clicking on the message.

Coaxion Tip 3: 
Preview a document from Microsoft SharePoint or Dropbox by clicking the "eye" icon to the right of the file name.  The document will download to your phone within a preview window. Clicking anywhere else on the file name downloads and shares the file in the current conversation.

Coaxion Tip 4: 
If you like our applications, please rate and review us on iTunes. If you have any feedback, please send it to us at feedback [@] Your feature requests and bugs help us improve our products.

Coaxion Tip 5:
Follow us on twitter @moprise and friend us on facebook to keep up to date. 


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