Frequently Asked Questions

Q) I cannot log into Coaxion. I get an error informing me my user name & password is incorrect. What should I do?
Coaxion sends a URL to the email address you registered with to confirm ownership of the email address.  You are not allowed to logon until you respond to the URL in the email. Sometimes the email ends up in the Junk Mail folder so please check there, open the email, and click on the included URL.  If you accidently had a typo on your email address, you will not get the confirmation email and will need to re-register with the correct email address. If you forgot your password, let us know at feedback @ and we will delete your account and allow you to re-register.

Q) I purchased the "PRO" version of Coaxion. Do I need to buy it for every device?
PRO needs to be purchased once for each AppleID.  Each device that uses that AppleID with the App Store will receive the PRO features.  This makes it easy to buy PRO once for use across your iPhone and iPod.

Q) I reinstalled Coaxion from the App Store. Why don't I see my PRO upgrade enabled? 
If you already purchased "PRO" and you purchase it again, you will receive it for free. This is a feature of in-app purchasing to restore your purchase on a new device or upon reinstall.

Q) I would like to evaluate the "PRO" version of Coaxion. Can you provide me with a 30 day trial?
Unfortunately, Apple's App Store doesn't support trial versions. We have priced our "PRO" product to allow a subset of users to quickly purchase and try Coaxion. You will get priority service if you have any problems.

Q) What versions of SharePoint are supported by Moprise and Coaxion?
SharePoint 2003, 2007, and 2010 are supported.  Also most cloud hosted SharePoints such as those from IntermediaFPWebMicrosoft BPOS, and Microsoft Office 365 are supported. To use Moprise or Coaxion, your SharePoint site must be directly accessible: your site must be exposed on the Internet, be a hosted site, or you need to connect your iPhone to your company network using wifi or VPN.

Q) Will documents stored in Coaxion be copied into Apple's iCloud?
Coaxion can store documents locally on the iPad but marks them so that they are not cached into iCloud.  Your documents remain on your servers and on iPads of users they were explicitly shared with. 

Q) Does Moprise work with self-signed SSL certificates?
Yes. Moprise works with SSL servers with self-signed SSL certificates. When Moprise detects a self-signed SSL certificate, the user is asked whether to accept the certificate. If the certificate is accepted then Moshare accesses the site securely and will not prompt for that server again.

Q) Does Moprise work with custom lists?
The enterprise version of Moprise supports custom lists. The standard version does not.

Q) Can I update my documents and lists with Moprise?
Moprise views SharePoint sites, but you currently cannot update SharePoint documents and lists from Moprise.

Q) My question isn't listed here. Can you help me?
Definitely. Let us know what we're missing and how we can help you: feedback @