Coaxion for iPad

Mobile Collaboration for SharePoint, Dropbox, &

Synchronize, share, and discuss documents with your team on the larger screen of the iPad, with the added security of wiping documents from all participating devices when a discussion is closed. See us on TechCrunch as Flipboard for the Enterprise.

  • Keep Your Team on the Same Page
    Documents and discussions are synchronized across your team's iPads in real time. 

    Everyone has the latest document updates on their iPad before the meeting starts.

  • Work with All Your Critical Documents in Storage or Email
    Seamlessly integrated access to SharePoint, Office365,, and Dropbox keeps you connected to all your important documents. Keep your documents where they are - no need to move them to someone else's server to realize mobile benefits.

    Forward your email to [email protected] to create a meeting with all your documents optimized for easy access and legibility. 

    Optimized Microsoft Office document previews allow you to see everything including annotations, graphics, and formatting not available with built-in readers.

    Easily share documents to team member's iPads without giving them full access to your SharePoint or Dropbox.

  • Secure
    Connect only with the people you choose. Share only the documents you select. All discussions and documents are private and restricted to the group of people you invite.

    All conversations and documents are transmitted over industry standard 256-bit SSL encrypted connections.

    When conversations are closed, files are removed from devices while leaving the originals on SharePoint and Dropbox intact.

  • Optimized for Mobile
    Push notifications keep you updated in real time without draining your battery.

    Super fast login and synchronization of discussions makes Coaxion easy to run, respond, and return to whatever you were doing.

    Big and small documents are efficiently sent across wifi, 3G, or 2G networks. Downloads suspend and restart automatically as your connection or battery drops. Background downloads let you read and respond immediately.

PRO Features Include

Upgrading to "PRO" via an in-app purchase enhances Coaxion with the following features: 

  • Expanded local document storage
    Store as many files as you want on your iPad and configure the amount of flash used for offline storage. 
  • Expanded cloud services
    Access and share your BOX.NET documents with people inside or outisde your company. 
  • Easy editing of SharePoint, Office 365, Box, and Dropbox documents
    Microsoft Office document formats be easily edited and saved back to your storage system using the Open In command with QuickOffice.  This also works with Documents to Go, neu.Annotate, iAnnotate, and PDF Expert for other file formats.
  • Users Guide
    The Coaxion Pro User's Guide has instructions on the feature set. For Enterprise purchases and feature set, see our Coaxion Data Sheet


Limited to 1 SharePoint site and 1 Dropbox account; also limited to 5 offline documents


$19.99 per user
Unlimited SharePoint & Office365 sites,, Editing & save back of documents, Offline files limited only by storage capacity

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Synchronize Team Documents

Teams share, update, and collaborate with documents using Coaxion Discussions. When a user sends a document, recipients can instantly read and comment upon it without manually accessing websites, downloading or synchronization the files. New documents, updates, and messages are efficiently pushed to team members' iPads.

Full Fidelity Office Documents

With Coaxion, Microsoft Office documents show annotations, formatting, graphs, charts, axis labels, watermarks and other details not normally visible on iPads or iPhones. Use the full screen, scroll, pan, and zoom as you would expect on an iPad. 

Works With Existing Storage Systems

Your documents stay where they are - preserving your existing workflow & business processes. A marketing team using SharePoint or Office365, a sales team using Salesforce, and a customer service team using can digitally share their documents using Coaxion without duplicating documents, moving documents, or purchasing redundant, expensive licenses for storage systems a team doesn't normally use.

Instant Shared Meetings From Email

Synchronize your email attachments with Coaxion for yourself & others by forwarding the email to [email protected] Instantly get PDF conversion of Microsoft Office formats, a nicer interface for reading, and easy sharing with others to save time and frustration of hunting for email.

Document Update & Editing

Coaxion allows documents to be edited with 3rd party applications like QuickOffice, Documents To Go, PDF Annotate, neuAnnotate, and iAnnotate. Updated documents can optionally be copied back up to its originating storage repository (SharePoint, Office365, BOX, or Dropbox).

Video Presentation and Printing

Using AirPlay, Coaxion can display documents on an external monitor using a wired VGA adapter or wirelessly using an Apple TV. Additionally, AirPrint may be used to create paper copies for people who forgot their iPads.


Coaxion's discussions are highly secure and private. Bank grade encryption protects your messages and documents from prying eyes. Protect your IP by wiping the discussion and documents from all devices when the need for sharing is done. The truth remains on corporate servers.

Distribute Board Packs

Using a PC or their own iPad, CEOs can send board packets and updates directly to board members' iPads, confident that the board members have the latest version. Update a document during the meeting and Coaxion immediately pushes it to everyone's iPad. When the meeting is done, stay secure by deleting the discussion and Coaxion will remove the content from all iPads.

Share Sales Presentations

Synchronize and present slides and other documents to your customers.  Easily edit documents to personalize them before sharing with customers. Send documents and contracts by email to customers. Communicate in real time with decision makers for approval on special terms. Close your deals in real time with style.  An administrative console allows automatic configuration of iPads so salemen do one thing: sell.


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