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Security to Ward Off Crime on Phones

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The NYT discusses smartphone security and how you can take responsibility for protecting your data on your phone.  The data on your phone can be very valuable  -  contact info, credit card numbers, passwords, bank accounts,  and our internet identities. From a personal perspective, guarding this data is already beyond important.  But as our corporate lives move to our phones, partner, customer, and company data could also be exposed and this creates exponential opportunities for damage.

There have been two avenues for capturing data from your phone:

1) Remote - Malware and viruses steal data from your phone or

2) Direct - Losing your device allows someone else to access your data.

The NYT article summarizes the solutions available to protect yourself and your corporation across phones from different manufacturers.  From anti-virus software on Android to Find (and wipe) my phone from Apple’s MobileMe, individuals can take responsibility for protecting themselves and their corporation.

Written by daviddsouza

February 25, 2011 at 5:39 am

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