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How to use Coaxion on the iPhone… Coverage in TechRepublic

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Will Kelly over at TechRepublic has written a detailed how-to use Coaxion for the iPhone to access Dropbox & SharePoint.  We appreciate the coverage Will!

Coaxion for the iPhone was our first effort to bring together corporate servers, collaborating business users, and documents for real time collaboration. Since then, we’ve spent more time advancing our iPad version simply because customers said documents look better on tablets. Makes a lot of sense so we’ve focused there. But, we’re finding more and more people like Will want to do quick collaboration on their iPhones too.  Let us know via feedback at if you’d like to see more updates in Coaxion for the iPhone.

And if you are a Coaxion user, check out Will’s article to see how you can use Coaxion on your iPhone to securely access SharePoint, Office365, Dropbox and your colleagues!

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June 13, 2012 at 11:27 am

Video: Coaxion makes reading business documents easy with automatic PDF conversion

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Reading business documents on an iPad is very difficult especially if you use Microsoft Office formats.  In a previous post, before and after bitmaps were shown of Microsoft Office documents viewed using the built in iOS 5.1 viewer versus Coaxion’s automatic PDF conversion.  Here is a video of Coaxion accessing files from SharePoint and Box, doing background PDF conversion, and showing you the resulting pixel perfect PDF documents.

This video gives a sneak peek at a new, simpler user interface for Coaxion but you can get PDF conversion in the current Coaxion in the App Store.

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March 23, 2012 at 1:17 am

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Cost savings using Coaxion vs SharePoint

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A typical 10 person team can save over $1000 annually using Coaxion instead of buying a SharePoint license for each team member.

Before Coaxion: We encounter the following teams in our studies of document sharing:

1) A committee of 10 members supported by a staff member, want to meet and receive paperless documents on their iPads.

2) This committee archives their documents on SharePoint and is managed by a staff member.

3) Initially, committee members accessed SharePoint for their documents directly, requiring 10 SharePoint licenses.

4) Committee members required SharePoint training and support. Logging in, understanding the document hierarchy, and navigating the site on an iPad was cumbersome.

5) Staff members spent as much time supporting use of the SharePoint tools as they did preparing for the meeting.

6) This strategy required purchase of SharePoint licenses at $10 per user per month although access was only during the actual meeting.

After Coaxion: After upgrading to Coaxion, only one SharePoint license is required for a staff member. Committee members save time & money accessing just what is needed using Coaxion Reader on their iPads.

1) As before, the staff member manages the documents on SharePoint, ensuring integrity, proper filing, and correctness.

2) The staff member distributes digital copies of the meeting documents to all the committee members’ iPads using Coaxion. Committee members now see Microsoft Office documents with all original formatting.

With Coaxion, everybody saves. Committee members save time by not logging into and navigating SharePoint.  Staff members save time supporting SharePoint for people who simply need a few key documents. The business reduces SharePoint licensing costs.

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March 7, 2012 at 1:06 pm

SharePoint Documents for iPad - Updates to Moprise

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Our Moprise SharePoint application is the fastest and easiest to use iPad app to your documents on Office365 & SharePoint.  Based on extensive customer feedback and hundreds of thousands of users, we have made BYOD access to SharePoint documents easy and carefree. 90% of SharePoint users primarily need access to their corporate documents and Moprise delivers that with a streamlined interface and no changes required to your SharePoint or Office365 servers.  Simple configuration allows access to Office365, BPOS, or on-premise SharePoint using your corporate credentials.  Streamlined access to documents including Microsoft Office formats keeps team members on top of what’s important. Documents and links can easily be shared via email.

Our latest update makes Moprise’s iPad access to SharePoint even easier.

1) In landscape mode, the folder & file list disappears to give you a full screen to access your document.

2) You can easily sort the folder & file list by title or date to make finding new content faster.

3) In case of updates to the site, you can refresh your iPad view of SharePoint by simply pulling down the list.

4) Configuration changes to SharePoint or Office365 settings can require confirmation to prevent inadvertent deletion of sites.

5) A collection of bug fixes to further improve stability and weed out corner case crashes.  We are proud that our customers can have multi-hour meetings viewing documents from SharePoint without crashing.

This update is available in the App Store today.

The fastest and easiest way to access Office365 & SharePoint on your iPad

Office365 and SharePoint on your iPad

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March 1, 2012 at 8:04 pm

Coaxion + BOX is your solution to paperless iPad Meetings

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A company revolves around two things: email & storage. One of the storage systems many customers had in common was BOX.  Everywhere we turned, customers, departments, or entire corporations were already using or beginning to use BOX in addition to internal, behind the firewall systems like SharePoint. And they needed a mobile solution that could bridge these storage systems.  It made perfect sense to integrate BOX into the latest Coaxion, now available in the App Store.

In the past, we’ve written about the “scattered document” problem.  This problem can increase in scope when a new storage system comes online and documents are copied between the two systems to remain accessible to everyone.  This results in chaotic business workflow, inadequate compliance checking, accidental use of outdated documents, and leakage of corporate IP.

To facilitate paperless meetings and prevent document duplication, Coaxion can now access your BOX documents for secure sharing and synchronization across iPhones & iPads. If you use SharePoint only mobile clients like SharePlus or Moprise or BOX’s iPad client, your teams will copy documents between the storage systems to keep them accessible. With Coaxion, you can leave your documents on one storage system and temporarily share them with your colleagues through Coaxion discussions. And when the meeting is over, close the discussion and Coaxion will remove the documents from all the devices, leaving the truth on the correct server.

Our Box support within Coaxion also enables offline storage, editing and upload back to the BOX server.

As seen in the Apple @ Work section of iTunes, Coaxion + BOX is your solution to paperless iPad meetings. Contact us if you want more information on enterprise features to use Coaxion for a paperless boardroom or for your paperless sales portal.

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February 21, 2012 at 4:58 pm

Solving the Scattered Document Problem

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Today’s cross-functional project teams need to remain nimble. As enterprise file sharing and document management systems become increasingly popular, businesses have started to run into what Moprise calls the scattered document access problem: how to effectively provide access to documents stored in a variety of content systems without compromising document access security.

Rather than selecting one exclusive content platform, we have found that corporations and individual departments often have their critical business documents scattered across a variety of hosted and cloud-based file repositories, including SharePoint, Dropbox, and Naturally, one could use a combination of iPad applications to download and view these files (e.g. Dropbox client + SharePoint client + PDF reader), however, usability is lost in the process of switching between so many different applications on the device.

Coaxion’s unique value proposition is that Coaxion solves the scattered enterprise document problem, allowing employees to share select documents while a project team is active, rather than granting access to all of their content in a folder. In addition, Coaxion provides a consistent user interface to access/view/edit these documents stored in remote file repositories from within the same application.

To experience seamless integration with Dropbox and SharePoint, try the free version of Coaxion available in the iTunes store. Upgrade to the Pro edition to access folders and edit documents on your device using QuickOffice.

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January 24, 2012 at 8:30 am

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Microsoft Office Document editing with SharePoint, Box.Net, and DropBox

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Since the beginning, Coaxion has had superior integration with the Microsoft back office and document formats. Coaxion has the fastest, best looking, and easiest to use integration with SharePoint, in the cloud or on premise. Coaxion automatically converts Office documents to PDF so that you can read them with full fidelity - your annotations, charts, and graphs look great in Coaxion. And today we build upon that foundation with excellent Microsoft Office document editing on the iPad.

We partnered with QuickOffice to make it easy to edit and “save back” your Office documents into any of your enterprise storage repositories. We recognize departments optimize their storage service to the needs of the team and critical business documents are scattered across a variety of hosted and on-premise file repositories including SharePoint, Box, and Dropbox. One could use a combination of iPad applications to download and view these files but security, usability, and interoperability is lost in this process.  In one reliable, secure, and easy to use app, Coaxion Pro supports Office document editing and saving to SharePoint, Office 365, Box, or Dropbox.

Use our in app upgrade to get the “Pro” version of Coaxion and take advantage of easy document editing and save back capabilities with your favorite editors including QuickOffice and Documents to Go.  Today, editing of documents stored in “My Documents” is supported and you will be prompted to “save back” to Coaxion and “upload” to your corporate document server.

Within Coaxion, view a "My Documents" document in full screen mode and select "Open In". Select QuickOffice from the list to edit your document.

When done editing, tap "Close" in QuickOffice followed by "Save Back" and "Coaxion". This will save the document in Coaxion and switch to Coaxion. Coaxion will prompt you to update the documents in SharePoint, Box, or Dropbox.

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January 20, 2012 at 1:00 pm

Microsoft’s Q2 2012 earnings - the Microsoft backoffice remains strong

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Once again Microsoft reported better than expected revenue pf $20.9 Billion in this quarter. The business division reported $6.28B in revenue, a 7% increase over prior periods excluding one-time revenue.  Revenue in SharePoint and Exchange grew by more than 10% and Lync and Dynamics CRM grew by 30%.  No new results were issued for Office365 beyond the current 5M+ seats and 100,000+ businesses sold in 3 months ending November 2011 and 22M education users (100% y/y increase).  All this reflects the continued strength of Microsoft’s technologies in the back office.

The PC market declined 2% to 4% reflecting a change in client computing from PC centric to mobile centric. This was especially apparent in the Consumer PC space which was down 6%.  Business PC purchases grew 2% suggesting businesses are continuing to refresh their PCs while they evaluate mobile devices.

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January 19, 2012 at 2:36 pm

Introducing Coaxion for iPad

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Coaxion makes it easy to read, share and synchronize critical business documents across iPads. Two key features of Coaxion are its ability to access critical business storage systems like SharePoint and to easily synchronize the documents with your team’s iPads no matter where they are.

Documents and storage are incredibly siloed within corporations. Corporations have spent billions on on-premise storage systems from HP, Dell, EMC, Microsoft, and Oracle.  Years of optimization, security & compliance systems, business processes and applications have been built around these systems and they are impossible to shed just for mobile benefits.   Additionally, SaaS companies like Google, Salesforce, Atlassian, and Box provided cloud storage systems that provided incredibly compelling value to some departments that it was worthy of migration.  These departments usually pay a per user, per month fee for specialized applications and storage systems such as Salesforce provides for sales teams.

The end result is today’s corporation has documents spread across on-premise systems and cloud systems, with licensing, organizational, and security boundaries preventing sharing of documents using a single native storage system.  Often companies resort to sharing by email or sharing by printing.

Coaxion for iPad allows executives and teams to easily read and share documents on iPads independent of their storage systems. With Coaxion, the truth remains on your servers and we take care of distributing only the documents you intend to share to the iPads & users you specify.

Powerful security and privacy features insure only the documents you share are securely sent to trusted users. Product launches, board meetings, HR and compensation issues, customer reports, and many other items within a corporation are extremely confidential and should only be shared with private groups.  These are scenarios where Coaxion excels with its ability to efficiently deliver content to iPads, where your teammates are most inclined to consume it.

Download Coaxion to share documents with your teammates.

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November 26, 2011 at 2:57 am

Conversations in Coaxion for the iPhone

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We’ve just released a second how-to video for Coaxion. Our previous video covered setting up document access. This covers what makes Coaxion sparkle: sharing.

Most of us are now highly mobile, and when we move our phones are with us. Until now, the problem with sharing documents has been that our email is so overloaded. Have you ever had someone ask you if you’d read an important email, only to find you accidentally browsed past it? How many emails do we get a day? When we’re on the move from one meeting to the next, are we really going to find that one important email among the other 37 new ones?

Coaxion gives us a quick way to grab our people or teams to get them the right items. You can now pull one person or multiple team members into a conversation, talk about a document, share it with everyone, and have a text-based discussion if someone’s in a place where they can’t talk.

It’s so easy it’s addictive, and you’ll be wondering why you weren’t using it before.

Written by In Other Words

September 7, 2011 at 5:55 pm


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