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Cost savings using Coaxion vs SharePoint

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A typical 10 person team can save over $1000 annually using Coaxion instead of buying a SharePoint license for each team member.

Before Coaxion: We encounter the following teams in our studies of document sharing:

1) A committee of 10 members supported by a staff member, want to meet and receive paperless documents on their iPads.

2) This committee archives their documents on SharePoint and is managed by a staff member.

3) Initially, committee members accessed SharePoint for their documents directly, requiring 10 SharePoint licenses.

4) Committee members required SharePoint training and support. Logging in, understanding the document hierarchy, and navigating the site on an iPad was cumbersome.

5) Staff members spent as much time supporting use of the SharePoint tools as they did preparing for the meeting.

6) This strategy required purchase of SharePoint licenses at $10 per user per month although access was only during the actual meeting.

After Coaxion: After upgrading to Coaxion, only one SharePoint license is required for a staff member. Committee members save time & money accessing just what is needed using Coaxion Reader on their iPads.

1) As before, the staff member manages the documents on SharePoint, ensuring integrity, proper filing, and correctness.

2) The staff member distributes digital copies of the meeting documents to all the committee members’ iPads using Coaxion. Committee members now see Microsoft Office documents with all original formatting.

With Coaxion, everybody saves. Committee members save time by not logging into and navigating SharePoint.  Staff members save time supporting SharePoint for people who simply need a few key documents. The business reduces SharePoint licensing costs.

Written by daviddsouza

March 7, 2012 at 1:06 pm

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