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How to use Coaxion on the iPhone… Coverage in TechRepublic

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Will Kelly over at TechRepublic has written a detailed how-to use Coaxion for the iPhone to access Dropbox & SharePoint.  We appreciate the coverage Will!

Coaxion for the iPhone was our first effort to bring together corporate servers, collaborating business users, and documents for real time collaboration. Since then, we’ve spent more time advancing our iPad version simply because customers said documents look better on tablets. Makes a lot of sense so we’ve focused there. But, we’re finding more and more people like Will want to do quick collaboration on their iPhones too.  Let us know via feedback at if you’d like to see more updates in Coaxion for the iPhone.

And if you are a Coaxion user, check out Will’s article to see how you can use Coaxion on your iPhone to securely access SharePoint, Office365, Dropbox and your colleagues!

Written by daviddsouza

June 13, 2012 at 11:27 am

Conversations in Coaxion for the iPhone

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We’ve just released a second how-to video for Coaxion. Our previous video covered setting up document access. This covers what makes Coaxion sparkle: sharing.

Most of us are now highly mobile, and when we move our phones are with us. Until now, the problem with sharing documents has been that our email is so overloaded. Have you ever had someone ask you if you’d read an important email, only to find you accidentally browsed past it? How many emails do we get a day? When we’re on the move from one meeting to the next, are we really going to find that one important email among the other 37 new ones?

Coaxion gives us a quick way to grab our people or teams to get them the right items. You can now pull one person or multiple team members into a conversation, talk about a document, share it with everyone, and have a text-based discussion if someone’s in a place where they can’t talk.

It’s so easy it’s addictive, and you’ll be wondering why you weren’t using it before.

Written by In Other Words

September 7, 2011 at 5:55 pm

Configuring Coaxion for the iPhone

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We’ve now released a video on how to configure Coaxion for your iPhone.

This video will take you through the basics of setting up SharePoint and Dropbox to view documents on your iPhone, and will also show you how to sign out to clear your settings.

The truly exciting abilities Coaxion provides are its communication features, allowing you to securely share and discuss documents with your colleagues. Conversations allow you to be productive on the move. This video is only half of the story, with a “Conversations” video coming up next.

Cheers, and enjoy.

Written by In Other Words

August 26, 2011 at 10:17 am

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