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Coaxion & Alfresco in the Cloud

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With Coaxion, critical documents can be pushed to executive iPads but when needed, executives can also easily access their personal files from corporate storage systems.  We’re happy to announce we will be supporting Alfresco’s Document Management System with a recent integration with their new iOS SDK and cloud apis.  An upcoming version of Coaxion will support accessing on-premise and cloud Alfresco servers. 

Read more about our partnership with Alfresco here:


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October 20, 2012 at 10:35 am

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Setting your picture in Coaxion

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Coaxion allows executives to quickly share documents with each other via Meetings.  A meeting is a way for executives to temporarily share documents with each other on their iPads.  While every document is tagged with the owner’s name, often it is useful to have a face behind it.  

Coaxion allows you to take a picture so that others can quickly identify you.

Here’s how to do it:


IMG 0363





  Tap the settings icon on the top right to open up the settings menu.









IMG 0364





  Tap the picture icon to turn on the camera to add your picture to Coaxion.









IMG 0365




  Take your picture and tap the USE button to set the picture.










IMG 0366





 Your picture will now appear in the Settings window. You can tap it again to change it. 




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September 7, 2012 at 4:06 pm

Coaxion Notifications - Keeping You In-the-Know

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On Device and Email Notifications from Coaxion

In the latest release of Coaxion, we’ve made enhancements to the way we notify you about activity within Coaxion so that you and your colleagues never miss a beat. With our update, we deliver the notifications within the app and via email.

The majority of your real time notifications come within the app and utilize the iOS push notification mechanism. Banners show up as drop downs and within the notification area. We will send you push notifications when people add you to a meeting, send you documents, or send you messages.  You can turn off these notifications, turn them into banners, or even turn them into alert boxes from within the iOS settings configuration page as shown below:

iOS Notification Settings

Inside the settings app, you can find settings for Coaxion’s iOS notifications.

Coaxion Notifications settings box

Changing the modality of Coaxion notifications from none, alert banners, to modal alert dialog boxes is easy.

We also notify you within email for two important notifications: when someone adds you to a meeting and when someone shares a document with you.  The email will let you know who the document is coming from and make it easy for you to install & launch Coaxion to get the content.  Within each email is a link to disable the email notifications if you only want to receive them within the application.

When you invite someone to a meeting for the very first time - meaning they are not already registered with Coaxion - they will receive email from us asking them to download and sign up with Coaxion. We will send this email a total of 3 times, a few days apart and then stop.

Finally, once a week, we will send you a summary of active meetings within Coaxion that you are a member of. This is an opportunity to keep on schedule or to clean up meetings you no longer need and removing the content from participating devices. If you are not a participant in any meeting, you will not receive any email from us.

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June 26, 2012 at 3:20 pm

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