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Solving the Scattered Document Problem

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Today’s cross-functional project teams need to remain nimble. As enterprise file sharing and document management systems become increasingly popular, businesses have started to run into what Moprise calls the scattered document access problem: how to effectively provide access to documents stored in a variety of content systems without compromising document access security.

Rather than selecting one exclusive content platform, we have found that corporations and individual departments often have their critical business documents scattered across a variety of hosted and cloud-based file repositories, including SharePoint, Dropbox, and Naturally, one could use a combination of iPad applications to download and view these files (e.g. Dropbox client + SharePoint client + PDF reader), however, usability is lost in the process of switching between so many different applications on the device.

Coaxion’s unique value proposition is that Coaxion solves the scattered enterprise document problem, allowing employees to share select documents while a project team is active, rather than granting access to all of their content in a folder. In addition, Coaxion provides a consistent user interface to access/view/edit these documents stored in remote file repositories from within the same application.

To experience seamless integration with Dropbox and SharePoint, try the free version of Coaxion available in the iTunes store. Upgrade to the Pro edition to access folders and edit documents on your device using QuickOffice.

Written by daviddsouza

January 24, 2012 at 8:30 am

Posted in Box, SharePoint

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