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SharePoint Documents for iPad - Updates to Moprise

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Our Moprise SharePoint application is the fastest and easiest to use iPad app to your documents on Office365 & SharePoint.  Based on extensive customer feedback and hundreds of thousands of users, we have made BYOD access to SharePoint documents easy and carefree. 90% of SharePoint users primarily need access to their corporate documents and Moprise delivers that with a streamlined interface and no changes required to your SharePoint or Office365 servers.  Simple configuration allows access to Office365, BPOS, or on-premise SharePoint using your corporate credentials.  Streamlined access to documents including Microsoft Office formats keeps team members on top of what’s important. Documents and links can easily be shared via email.

Our latest update makes Moprise’s iPad access to SharePoint even easier.

1) In landscape mode, the folder & file list disappears to give you a full screen to access your document.

2) You can easily sort the folder & file list by title or date to make finding new content faster.

3) In case of updates to the site, you can refresh your iPad view of SharePoint by simply pulling down the list.

4) Configuration changes to SharePoint or Office365 settings can require confirmation to prevent inadvertent deletion of sites.

5) A collection of bug fixes to further improve stability and weed out corner case crashes.  We are proud that our customers can have multi-hour meetings viewing documents from SharePoint without crashing.

This update is available in the App Store today.

The fastest and easiest way to access Office365 & SharePoint on your iPad

Office365 and SharePoint on your iPad

Written by daviddsouza

March 1, 2012 at 8:04 pm

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