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Coaxion + BOX is your solution to paperless iPad Meetings

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A company revolves around two things: email & storage. One of the storage systems many customers had in common was BOX.  Everywhere we turned, customers, departments, or entire corporations were already using or beginning to use BOX in addition to internal, behind the firewall systems like SharePoint. And they needed a mobile solution that could bridge these storage systems.  It made perfect sense to integrate BOX into the latest Coaxion, now available in the App Store.

In the past, we’ve written about the “scattered document” problem.  This problem can increase in scope when a new storage system comes online and documents are copied between the two systems to remain accessible to everyone.  This results in chaotic business workflow, inadequate compliance checking, accidental use of outdated documents, and leakage of corporate IP.

To facilitate paperless meetings and prevent document duplication, Coaxion can now access your BOX documents for secure sharing and synchronization across iPhones & iPads. If you use SharePoint only mobile clients like SharePlus or Moprise or BOX’s iPad client, your teams will copy documents between the storage systems to keep them accessible. With Coaxion, you can leave your documents on one storage system and temporarily share them with your colleagues through Coaxion discussions. And when the meeting is over, close the discussion and Coaxion will remove the documents from all the devices, leaving the truth on the correct server.

Our Box support within Coaxion also enables offline storage, editing and upload back to the BOX server.

As seen in the Apple @ Work section of iTunes, Coaxion + BOX is your solution to paperless iPad meetings. Contact us if you want more information on enterprise features to use Coaxion for a paperless boardroom or for your paperless sales portal.

Written by daviddsouza

February 21, 2012 at 4:58 pm


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