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Apple’s Q3 2011 earnings and the Enterprise…

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Apple’s press release announcing their Q3 2011 earnings is here.
Apple’s recording of their executive conference call is here.

Apple released their latest earnings which once again blew everyone away driving their stock price to an all time high of $400 in after hours based on $28.57B in revenue, $7.31B in profit, 20.24M iPhones, and 9.25M iPads. All massive increases over previous quarter and previous year.

But for us, what’s happening in the enterprise is most important. Here are the enterprise numbers and the color from the press release and the conference call.

91% of the Fortune 500 is deploying or testing iPhone. Up from 88% last quarter.
57% of Global 500 companies testing or deplying iPhone fueled by employee demand and custom app development.
Some companies deploying iPhone onto their corporate network include Crédit Agricole, Nestle, Dow Chemical, GlaxoSmithKline, Comcast, and SuperValue.

86% of the Fortune 500 is deploying or testing iPad. Up from 75% last quarter.
47% of the Global 500 is deploying or testing iPad.

Corporate Scenarios:
Deploying to sales teams: Boston Scientific, XEROX, and SalesForce
Deploying in top hospitals: HCA and Cedars-Sinai
Using in retail stores: Nordstrom & Estee Lauder Clinique counters
Deploying custom apps: General Electric, SAP, and Standard Chartered deploying internal apps for training, currency tracking, business process management
Paperless cockpit: Alaska Airlines & American Airlines
Education: More iPads sold into K-12 schools than Macs

Apple has a dual pronged iPad/iPhone enterprise sales strategy. Apple’s primary channel is via the carrier sales force and Apple trains and provides best practices to the sales force. In some cases, Apple sells direct. Generally, they are still building out enterprise sales but doing it a bit better each quarter. Apple execs believe iPad penetration and adoption within the enterprise is phenomenal for a product only 15 months into its life cycle.

Moving forward, Apple’s attention is turning towards enterprise penetration (as opposed to trials) and is evident by the recent introduction of volume pricing for enterprise educational apps.  The volume purchase program for businesses is “coming soon”.

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July 19, 2011 at 4:47 pm

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