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Present from SharePoint on Your iPad

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Does your company’s intranet live on SharePoint? Do you want to present from your iPad? It’s easier than you might think.

We’ve tested a few different presentation options across the internet such as converting your file to a .pdf, and have concluded that professional presentations can be best accomplished on the iPad using these six easy steps.

These instructions include a sneak preview of our upcoming app, Coaxion, which we’re releasing for the iPad in a few weeks. Coaxion will simplify the presentations by providing direct SharePoint access to your presentations (and other documents) when you need them.

To Present, You’ll Need:

  • Coaxion for the iPad to pull your presentation from SharePoint, releasing free soon in the App Store
  • Keynote for iPad to play the presentation, $9.99 in App Store, not free but looks much better than presenting pdf files and allows you to edit your presentations
  • Optionally, a VGA adaptor from the Apple Store to connect to most projectors, $29.00, it’s only compatible with some presentation programs including Keynote, otherwise you can present by placing your iPad on a desk or meeting table for viewing

Step One:  In Microsoft PowerPoint, save your presentation normally as a .ppt or .pptx file (alternatively, save your presentation normally in Keynote).

Step Two: Keep your presentation on your company’s intranet where you normally would.

Step Three: When ready, select your presentation from SharePoint using Coaxion for the iPad (an active wireless or 3G connection is needed at the time of pulling the file). 

Step Four: In the upper right corner, choose “Open In”, then “Keynote”, then in Keynote make any changes you need. 

Step Five: Set up for the presentation for viewing on a desk, table, or using the VGA adaptor for most projectors. 

Step Six: In Keynote, press play when you’re ready. 

What to Expect

You’ll preserve attractive slide transitions and the layout of your page for a slick, professional presentation. However, animations are slightly different if moving between PowerPoint and Keynote.

Keynote on the iPad allows one animation per object, and views text boxes as one object. If you’ve added multiple animations to text within a box, such as one-at-a-time list items, in Keynote they will arrive together on only one click. If this is an important issue for you, consider putting each list item into a separate text box and re-adding the separate animations.


By simply carrying your iPad with you and optionally, a cable, you can present from your iPad efficiently and professionally. Try it!

Written by beccastic

July 27, 2011 at 12:33 pm

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