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Three Trends From a Year of Tablet Research

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UX Magazine recently published an article on “Five Lessons From a Year of Tablet Research”.  More interesting than the lessons were the three trends they identified and the impact on the world of work and productivity on an iPad.

Trend #1: Trading (Home) Computer Time for iPad Time 

The iPad is a replacement for the “home” computer because of its portability. Recently published research from Nielsen indicates that 70% of tablet owners use their device while watching TV, and 57% use their device while in bed.

When it comes to using the iPad for work- or school-related purposes, the same Nielsen research also notes that approximately one in four tablet owners use their devices while attending a meeting or class.

Each of these situations represents new opportunities for productivity. Whether it is triaging email, reading business documents, or collaborating with colleagues, enabling these tasks on an iPad puts productivity within convenient reach.

Trend #2: The Tablet Is a Shared Device and Raises Security Concerns

The iPad is used by many members of the family but doesn’t support multiple logins. So those business documents could be accidently deleted by the children or viewed by a guest unless one is careful.  An access PIN on business apps may also be a near term remedy before Apple enables multiple profiles on an iPad.

Trend #3: Tablet Users Need an Experience-Based Incentive to Access Apps Over the Web

While websites are generally accessible on tablets, users will use apps if they offer a compelling experience beyond the website.  A natural and streamlined user interface that uses gestures to elegantly show the full content available on the ordinary website.

You can read the full article here.

Written by daviddsouza

August 6, 2011 at 9:09 am

Posted in iPad, Mobile Workforce, UX

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