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Coaxion featured on BOX’s OneCloud Billboard on 101

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We love working with the team at BOX.  BOX is rapidly differentiating itself as the goto company for enterprise storage, primarily based on the enterprise application ecosystem they are building atop their storage system.  We’re often asked what is the difference between BOX & Dropbox.  Well, the app ecosystem is it. When I want to save my high scores somewhere, likely that’s Dropbox. But when I want to collaborate on a document, present a slide deck, show a product catalog, or sign a contract - well that’s BOX and an application from a BOX partner.  Here’s BOX’s post on the 101 Billboard with their OneCloud partners including the orange lightning bolt icon for our document presentation and distribution service, Coaxion.

Written by daviddsouza

May 26, 2012 at 3:58 am

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